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Our expert financial advisors are able to secure the best Re-finance rate for your asset in the market.

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Electric Loans are the fast-moving, forward-thinking experts in re-financing. Our team specialise in helping Australians secure the right loan at the lowest possible interest rate.

 Electric Loans have the experience and access to a vast number of re-financing options to find the right solution for you. We’ll take the time to understand your personal situation and get you fast approval on your refinance. 

We compare hundreds of re-financing options to save you time and money and offer re-finance for your asset.

What can you save?

We are the best rate finance broker in Australia, and we’re here to help. Contact us and find out how we can achieve electric results in electric time.

Our quotes are fast, accurate and won’t affect your credit file. We achieve the lowest rates in record time.

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Refinancing requirements
Refinancing requirements

Each lender has specific refinancing requirements, so be sure to ask about the details. For example, if you have $8000 or more remaining on your car loan and the car is less than 10 years old with fewer than 125,000 kms on it, you may be eligible to refinance with our panels of lenders.

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Your credit score

Has your credit score changed since your original car loan? If it’s improved, your better score may help you qualify for a lower interest rate.

Your income
Your income

Refinancing your loan so you have a lower monthly payment can make sense if your income has dipped. The lower payment can help ease the strain on your monthly budget — and if you don’t have one, think about creating a budget so you can better control all your finances.

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Time remaining on your loan

Refinancing and extending your loan term can lower your payments and keep more money in your pocket each month — but you may pay more in interest in the long run. On the other hand, refinancing to a lower interest rate at the same or shorter term as you have now will help you pay less overall.

Additional Information

*The comparison rate shown is for a secure loan amount of $30,000 over a term of 5 years based on monthly repayments.

Warning: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Approval is subject to customer profile and lender guidelines.

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Find answers to commonly asked Refinance related questions.

With access to over 40+ lending partners we offer tailored solutions specific to your current circumstances. This means that you will always get the best deal for your personal financial situation. To see which options are available to you please contact one of our expert brokers today. Remember we will guide you through the process and present you with options that we believe are right for you. In the end the final decision is entirely up to you.

Not all by enquiring with Electric Loans. We will first have a discussion with you and pair you up with a recommended lending partner that would be best suited to your needs. Once you have been vetted by us and provided consent only then will a credit check be performed. We don’t want to put any unnecessary hits on your credit file. Only once we know you have a high chance of approval and you are happy to proceed with your loan application will credit checks be done.

Often loans do come with clauses with early repayment fees, exit fees or early termination fees. Refinancing lenders can also charge an establishment fee as well.

With Electric Loans we are upfront with all fees and charges so that everything is transparent. So there are no hidden surprises.

Refinancing for a secured loan such as a car loan may be possible. Let’s have a chat first to see which refinancing options you are eligible for.

Before making the decision to refinance, you may want to consider the fees that are associated with refinancing your loan such as early exit fees, establishment fees and entry fees. If you don’t refinancing your loan may end up costing you more money than not refinancing. Also it is important to keep in mind that often personal circumstances do change from the time you took out your existing loan. This may mean if you are not in a solid financial position it may be difficult to refinance your current loan.

If you are wanting to look at refinancing it is best to wait at least 6 months to a year. Making another finance enquiry in such a short period may actually hurt your chances of eligibility for refinancing.

Just like when you applied for your first loan, you will need to prove your identity, provide proof of income and any existing debts. Some lenders may ask you to provide bank statements. Each lender's requirements are different so it’s best to liaise with one of our finance brokers.

We can help getting you approved

For the best rate finance broker in Australia, contact Electric Loans – the forward-thinking finance experts.

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