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Electric Loans are the fast-moving, forward-thinking experts in car loans. Our team specialise in helping Australian’s secure the right loan at the lowest possible interest rate.

No matter what make or model of car you’re looking to buy, Electric Loans have the experience and access to a vast number of financing options to find the right solution for you. We’ll take the time to understand your personal situation and get you fast approvals so you can get on the road sooner, with the best rate car loans in Australia.

We compare hundreds of car financing options to save you time and money and offer finance for new, used, and private sale cars, for business or personal use.

What could you borrow?

We are the best rate finance broker in Australia, and we’re here to help. Contact us and find out how we can achieve electric results in electric time.

Our quotes are fast, accurate and won’t affect your credit file. We achieve the lowest rates in record time.

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Best Rates
Best Rates

We have access to a vast range of finance products, and the knowledge to know which ones to suggest for you.

Fast Approval
Fast Approval

We’ll make sure your loan is approved as fast as possible, so you can drive away even sooner.

Buyer Freedom
Buyer Freedom

Purchase your car new, used, or through private sale, with a wide range of financing options.

Experienced Advisors
Experienced Advisors

Our financial advisors have decades of combined experience to assist you with finding the best option for you.

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*The comparison rate shown is for a secure loan amount of $30,000 over a term of 5 years based on monthly repayments.

Warning: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. Approval is subject to customer profile and lender guidelines.

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What sets us apart?

At Electric Loans Australia we aim to make consumer loans as painless as possible. We’re here to make the process easier.


Find answers to commonly asked Car loans related questions.

Everybody’s situation is going to be different. There are going to be differences in income, expenses, the number of dependents you have, whether you are a homeowner or renter. Another big factor can be your banking conduct and credit history. These all contribute to ascertaining what your borrowing capacity can be and what sort of loan terms are available to you. 

The best thing to do is to get some professional advice from one of our expert finance brokers. We can guide you through the process and pair you up with a lender that will maxmise your chances of getting a car loan approval.

For more information and tips on car loan approvals please visit:

A secured car loan is simply when the lender has security over the car you are getting a car loan for. Which means that if anything was to happen to you, and you were unable to repay the car loan, the lender would be able to sell your car and recover their funds.

Not at all. We won’t put any unnecessary hits on your credit file. We will work with you and the lender to ensure you meet all the requirements of their lending criteria first. Once you have met the criteria a privacy consent form will need to be signed by you which then gives the lender the opportunity to view your credit report. If for some reason you weren't to qualify for a certain lender due to having a poor credit score, we still may be able to assist you in getting a car loan with another lender. Please contact us if you have any concerns over this process.

A comparison rate shows the prospective customer what the true cost of getting a loan is. It includes things like interest rate, fees and any charges associated with getting the loan.

With access to a over 40+ lending partners this ensures that we can match your profile with the perfect lender. This maximises your approval chances but also provides a more seamless experience.

The short answer yes, however some lenders may charge you an early exit or termination fee.

It is always a good idea to try and get ahead of your loan repayments so that you pay less in interest.

It is always a good idea to ask what the early termination fees are with a lender, as it may be more beneficial to go with a lender that has a higher interest rate but lower termination fees or early exit fees.

Of course you can. We can get a pre-approval for you on your flexible rate car loan so that you can go car shopping in confidence.

Yes you can refinance your existing car loan with Electric Loans. If you are unhappy with your current loan, broker or your circumstances have changed please let us know and we will do our best to help you. For more information please read:

Absolutely, we finance a lot of electric cars. For more information on financing for an electric vehicle please visit:


We can help getting you approved

For the best rate finance broker in Australia, contact Electric Loans – the forward-thinking finance experts.

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