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EV Rebates in Australia?

07 . 7 . 23|Cars EV rebates in australia

As the country is looking to reduce the number of overall emissions it is no surprise that EVs (Electric Vehicles) are getting more and more popular. Although EVs are getting more popular, they only accounted for 3% of new car sales last year. So, is the Australian government doing anything to incentivise more people to buy EVs?

Here we answer the question, What are the EV Rebates in Australia?


EV Incentives in Queensland

  • A $3000 rebate for new EVs that cost up to $58,000
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles receive a discount on stamp duty with a rate of $2 per $100 with sales valued at $100,000 and under, and $4 per $100 if it’s over that value. This is compared to a stamp duty of up to $6 per $100 for higher-emission vehicles.


EV Incentives in New South Wales

  • From 1 September 2021, the NSW Government offered a rebate of $3000 for the first 25,000 battery-electric and fuel-cell electric vehicles sold at a price of less than $68,750.
  • New and used EV purchases under $78,000 are exempt from stamp duty.
  • Some low-emission petrol-electric hybrid vehicles (PEHV) are eligible for a small concession on motor vehicle tax which is automatically applied at the time of registration.


EV Incentives in ACT


EV Incentives in Western Australia

  • From May 2022, the first 10,000 buyers of new EVs and fuel-cell EVs (FCEV) will receive a $3500 rebate as long as the purchase is under $70,000.


EV Incentives in Victoria

  • A $3000 rebate for all new EVs bought for less than $68,740, limited to the first 4000 vehicles sold.
  • EVs and other zero or “low” emission vehicles receive a $100 annual discount on vehicle registration. This will not apply to conventional hybrids but plug-in hybrids will be eligible.
  • EVs are not subject to luxury vehicle rates of stamp duty and instead are charged a flat rate of $8.40 per $200 of market value.


EV Incentives in South Australia


EV Incentives in Tasmania

  • Beginning in July 2021, there is a two-year stamp duty waiver for all new and used EV purchases regardless of price.


EV Incentives in Northern Territory

  • For five years from July 2022, buyers of new or used EVs, fuel-cell & plug-in hybrids receive a $1500 discount in stamp duty.
  • New and existing EVs receive free registration, this includes previously registered, interstate transfers & imported or modified EVs.


Australia Wide EV incentives

  • Luxury cars imported into Australia and valued over $71,849 are subject to the luxury car tax. The LCT threshold for fuel-efficient cars (including EVs) is higher at $84,916, which equals some savings on this tax.


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