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Electric cars and the benefit of electric cars

08 . 8 . 21|Cars Electric cars and the benefit of electric cars

The Electric Car revolution is the leader of green energy adoption throughout the world, Australia unlike most, has been slow to embrace the change. One of the benefits of electric cars is being environmentally friendly and improving the conditions of the environment, long term sustainability.

Electric cars do not have combustion engines, Electric cars are the leading solution for towns and cities challenged by air quality due to their surroundings and improving the resident’s quality of life and health. Since electric cars do not use exhaust systems like gas engines, they can help reduce greenhouse gases and achieve cleaner air. The cars are also beneficial since they can be powered naturally with renewable resources like wind, solar, and water through our electric grid. 

Most of us in major cities have seen the odd Tesla on streets, the biggest issues we face is the cost of electric cars been scalable financially for regular everyday consumers. As the cost of production decreases user uptake will increase.

Many leading brands have announced Full electric options for all the range by 2025 an example being Audi made by VW – it is still yet to be determined in many rural settings such as Australia how the implementation will work on the agricultural industries that so heavily rely on reliable powerful combustion engines.

It seems major cities will continue to revolutionize change and we may find ourselves driving an electric vehicle in the near future.

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