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Lowest Interest Rate Car Loans in Sydney

Looking for car finance in Sydney? Look no further than Electric Loans. We offer some of the best rates available for Sydneysiders looking to finance a new, used or demonstrator vehicle. Car finance doesn’t have to be hard. We make it all very easy and with fast approvals. We will have you in your new car cruising down to Bondi beach in no time. We help people in a variety of different circumstances and we are here to help you navigate the whole car loan process and guide you every step of the way.

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Get Started in Four Easy Steps

Step 1: Choose your vehicleStep 1: Choose your vehicle

Find the vehicle you are looking to purchase remember it can be a new, demonstrator or second hand car.

Step 2: Speak with one of our brokersStep 2: Speak with one of our brokers

Once you have chosen the vehicle you would like to finance you now just simply need to tell us about it and your situation.

Step 3: Get ApprovedStep 3: Get Approved

We will pair you up with the best lenders that are suited to your personal needs. Giving you the best chances of getting approved.

Step 4: Drive AwayStep 4: Drive Away

Congratulations, you can now go and pick up your new ride!

How much can you borrow?

Electric Loans are the best car finance brokers in Sydney. We have a motto at Electric Loans: we help get you ‘Electric Results in Electric Time. 

Contact us now for a personalised quote that won’t impact your credit score.

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Best Rates
Best Rates

We have access to a vast range of finance products, and the knowledge to know which ones to suggest for you.

Fast Approval
Fast Approval

We’ll make sure your loan is approved as fast as possible, so you can drive away even sooner.

Buyer Freedom
Buyer Freedom

Purchase your car new, used, or through private sale, with a wide range of financing options.

Experienced Advisors
Experienced Advisors

Our financial advisors have decades of combined experience to assist you with finding the best option for you.

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The displayed comparison rate pertains to a secured loan amount of $30,000 spanning a 5-year term with monthly repayment intervals.
Caution: This comparison rate is accurate solely for the provided examples and might not encompass all applicable fees and charges. Varied terms, fees, or alternative loan sums could yield a differering comparison rate. Approval is dependent upon the customer’s profile assessment and adherence to lender criteria.

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Find answers to commonly asked Car loans related questions.

Getting a car loan in Sydney is relatively straightforward. Essentially, you're taking out a loan to purchase your next vehicle—be it new, a demonstrator or pre-loved. Once you've found your perfect car, we'll pair you up with a lender that will lend you the funds you need under an agreement that you'll pay back over a specific time period, plus interest. The most common loan terms are between 5 and 7 years however there may be other options available to you depending on which lender you are paired with..

Our mission is to make the financing part as straightforward and hassle-free as possible, so you can focus on the excitement of choosing your car. Our process is designed to ensure that from the moment you apply, to the day you make your final and last repayment, you feel supported and informed through the whole process.

Some features of car loans in Sydney that are offered by Electric Loans are:

  • Some of the best interest rates in Australia
  • Flexible repayment options
  • A simple and fast approval process
  • Low doc car finance is available
  • Make extra repayments

A chattel mortgage is a specific type of financing used to purchase a vehicle, where the vehicle itself serves as collateral for the loan. This means that while you have immediate use of the car straight away, the lender holds the asset as security until you complete all repayments, including interest. This setup provides security for the lender and can result in more favorable loan terms for the borrower. It's a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike, as it offers the flexibility to tailor repayments to suit cash flow and potentially take advantage of certain tax benefits.

An interest rate basically represents the cost of borrowing money. Expressed as a percentage of the total loan amount. It's essentially the price you pay to a lender for using their funds to purchase your vehicle. This rate directly influences the overall amount you will pay back over the life of your loan, making it a crucial component to consider when evaluating car loan options. But don’t worry at Electric Loans we will make sure you are paired up with a lender that will give you the best options available to you at the time.

Electric Loans prides itself on offering competitive interest rates to make car financing more accessible for our clients & customers in Sydney.

Car loan repayments are the scheduled payments you need to make to pay off the amount you borrowed for your vehicle purchase, including any interest accrued over the loan term. These payments are typically made on a monthly basis, but can also be arranged with some lenders to suit your pay cycle, with some offering weekly or fortnightly options. Each repayment contributes to reducing both the principal amount of the loan and the interest, making it a dual-purpose process that brings you closer to full ownership of your car.

A balloon payment is a way of paying a larger lump sum payment at the end of your car loan term. Doing so can help to reduce your repayments. People often sell their vehicle before the end of the loan term to cover that lump sum payment.

Once you’ve secured your car loan with Electric Loans, you will be set up on a repayment schedule with your lender. The most common repayment schedules are weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. As you make your regular repayments you will gradually decrease the principal and the interest accrued, moving you closer to full ownership of your car.

Navigating the car finance world with a bad credit score might seem daunting, but it's not a dead end. At Electric Loans, we work with a range of different lenders, each with their own unique lending criteria. Get in touch with our team and we can discuss your personal situation.

To get started with a car loan in Sydney there will be some documents that you will need to provide the lender. These generally include your driving licence, your most recent pay slips or proof of income and details regarding the vehicle you're planning to buy. You may also need to provide information about your current financial commitments and living expenses so we can better understand your personal situation.

When it comes to choosing the right car loan for you, understanding the difference between secured and unsecured loans can be helpful. A secured car loan means the vehicle you're purchasing acts as collateral for the loan. This security for the lender typically means you will get a lower interest rate and therefore lower repayments which makes it a popular option.

On the flip side, unsecured car loans do not require any collateral or security. While this might sound ideal as it doesn't tie your vehicle directly to the loan, it usually comes with a higher interest rate due to the increased risk for the lender. We can help you explore both options and help you come up with the best choice for your needs.

Once we have had a brief chat about your circumstances, we will then send you our recommended lenders and their available options for you. This will include things such as fees and interest rates. Each interest rate is tailored to your personal situation.

At Electric Loans, we understand that not all purchases are made through a dealer. We can accommodate a purchase from a private seller also. Just inform your broker and we will do the rest.

Yes you certainly can. Again just inform your Electric Loans car finance broker as some lenders have certain criteria that must be met such as: the age of the car and how many kms it has driven. But rest assured that you can borrow money for a used vehicle as well.

Absolutely! Financing your vehicle through a Sydney car dealership is entirely doable with Electric Loans. All we need is a copy of your purchase contract and we can start the ball rolling. Once approved we just need a tax invoice so that we can send your funds to your Sydney car dealer of choice.

We can help getting you approved

For the best rate finance broker in Australia, contact Electric Loans – the forward-thinking finance experts.

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